Halloween Treats

Halloween 1

Kristens (POV)

Well I said I think this Halloween was the best! šŸ™‚

Halloween 3

Agreed cried Emily. I got more Tootsie Rolls than a…. a tootsie roll.

Halloween 2

That makes no sense. I said popping a peanut m&m in my mouth.

Halloween 4

I think it was a great Halloween said Marisol. Most awesomest said Sam.

Costume 3

Emily went as Scully from X-Files.

costume M&K

Marisol and Kristen went as Dr. Kristen and sick marisol.

Sam went as a princess and Molly went as Minnie Mouse.

Happy Halloween. Did you get a lot of candy? I did. šŸ™‚

So I was thinking of changing Sam’s name to Genieve. What do you think? šŸ™‚

Happy Halloween Again


Geeky_Girl ā¤

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