photo shoot

Meet Genieve

Genieve was once Samantha but now I have decided to totally revamp her personality! I can’t wait for you to meet her. So without further a do I give you Genieve!!! 🙂

Skateboard 1

Genieve was my 1st doll given to me by my cousin! 😀

Name: Genieve Bella

Age: 12

About Me: Hi, I’m Genieve!! I love horses and skateboarding. I love to watch movies and have slumber parties. I am a bit of a chocoholic! I enjoy hanging out with my sisters and running my business Geneives Glamourous Parties!

Personality: Spunky, Outgoing, Bright, Optimistic, Funny,

BFF’s: Kristen and Molly

Fave Color: Sunset Orange, Neon Pink, and lilac

Fave Animal: Teacup Pigs and Sea Turtles

Pets: A Foal names Elsa

Type: Historical (Samantha)

So how did you like Geneive? 🙂 I did also take some extra photos

skateboard 2

Tricking out on a skateboard! WOO Hoo!

skateboard 3


If anyones wondering how I edit. I just use the edit tool on my ipad. It comes with the ipad. Go into camera. go to a photo and up at the top there should be a thing that says edit. 🙂

Happy Blogging


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