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Little Dolls, Big Mischief

lb 1

Caroline’s (POV) “So what do y’all want to do today”? Asked Grace.

lb 2

“We should raid the big dolls food” I said impressed that such an amazing idea had struck. 😉

lb 3

“I second that” exclaimed Anna. “It’s settled then” I said.

lb 4

I got a rope and threw it down over the edge of the house. “Go down” I said to Grace. “I’m going to die” cried Grace.

lb 5

Soon everyone except me had made it “safely” to the bottom. 😀
lb 6

“COWABUNGA” I screamed as I jumped over the edge.

lb 7

“My spline” cried Anna. Oww said Grace. Thanks a lot said Hazel sarcasticaly. “Woopsie” I said giggling.

lb 8

“Is this the kitchen” asked Anna. “Yep” I said. “All clear whispered Hazel softly.

lb 9

“Wow” cried Anna. “Look at all the appliances” said Grace. “It’s heaven” said Hazel.

lb 10

All the sudden a big hairy scary beast appeared. “AHH!” We all screamed. It looked at us like we were crazy and, then walked right back out of the kitchen.

lb 11

“I almost had a heart attack” I cried.

lb 12

“Yah Yah” said Grace, but look at this. I looked at the beautiful open fridge. Filled with cupcakes, sandwiches, caramel apples, pizza.

lb 13

“mmm” said Anna munching on her donut gauntlet. “PIZZA” screamed Grace. “Anyone have a bag we should take leftovers”. “I saw one in the living room” said Hazel. “I’ll go get it”. “Thanks” I said.

lb 14

As soon as Hazel came back, we loaded up the bag with treats.

lb 15

‘Lets get back” I said. “Sounds good” said Anna. “I’m stuffed” cried Grace.


So that was my first Little Dolls, Big Mischief Photo-story. Did you like it? Who was your favorite Hazel, Caroline, Anna, or Grace? I loved making this it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Happy Blogging

Geeky_Girl ❤


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