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Running from Darkness, Season 1, Episode 1

Here it is the long awaited first episode extravaganza Running for Love! πŸ˜€


I was sitting at my desk writing an essay for English.


When my maid Kalin (K-Lin) walked into the room. “Miss Grace Queen Adelia would like to see you in her bedchamber.” “Got it” I said “and please just call me Grace.” Yes Grace” she said as if the words felt foreign on her tongue.

RFL S1 E1 3

I walked into grandmothers bedchamber. “Hello Grandmother. Feeling well?” “I feel fine dearie now please come closer, I have something very important to tell you.”

RFL S1 E1 4

“What is it” I asked intrigued. “On the bed table there is a map and backpack take them. Follow the map into the woods. Search for the treasure.” “What” I said baffled. “The map leads to the Edwards family treasure.” “NO” I said. “Yes my child” she said. “I can’t go. I need more information.” Fine” said grandmother clearly annoyed. “The family hid a treasure during World War 2. The treasure was hidden far in the wood. There are people the Dark Knights that plan on destroying are kingdom. The treasure holds an amulet that can stop them. It is the only way to stop them. Please dearie your the kingdoms only hope.” “Okay” I bravely. On the inside I did not feel brave at all.

RFL S1 E1 5

I looked on the bedside table there it was the map and backpack. The backpack was up to the brim with lots of things, I would apparently need in the hunt.

RFL S1 E1 6

All the sudden a woman in all black entered the room. “It is I the Dark Knight here to destroy the kingdom”.

CLIFFHANGER!! Oh yeah you can totally not like me. But cliffhangers are SO MUCH FUN! So did you like the first part of Running for Love? I sure did. πŸ™‚ Have a great day everyone

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Psalm 103


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