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How to Bead Your American Girls Hair

beading 8

Here is the final picture. Now lets learn how to do it.

beading 1

Find the strand of hair you want to use. Wet it down with water or detangling spray. πŸ˜€

beading 7

Twist the strand what ever way you want. Make sure to get all the hair twisted especially the very bottom.

beading 2

Slip the beads into the hair by wetting down the bottom and putting the beads into the hair. Keep doing that until you get to the bottom or until you want to stop.


Then take a small rubber band to close it off when your done. Take the rubber band and like a hairtye twist it around the end of your beading area.

beading 8

Hope You Enjoyed that. If you have any questions comment below.

I think this hairstyle would look great on a beachy american girl like Jess, Kanani, or Kaylee. Feel free to check out my new blog button page. πŸ™‚

Happy Blogging

Geeky_Girl ❀


16 thoughts on “How to Bead Your American Girls Hair

  1. Cool! I’ve done this before, but I never thought of adding beads! You could do this to your dolls’ entire head, & then she’d have a REALLY colorful hairstyle! πŸ˜†

    ~Ms. AGdoll


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