Awesome Food Award

Awesome Food Award

This picture was made by me)

Thanks Clara for nominating me for the Awesome Food Award. The rules

 1. Thanks the person that nominated you!!

2. Answer the ten food questions ask.

3. Come up with 10 more questions for the people you nominated you

4. Nominate others with this Awesome Award

1. Hard or soft candy?
Hmm…. soft. I love chocolate though.
2. Chocolate-y or fruity candy?
3. Do you like chocolate and nuts together?
NO!!! Except for Reese’s and a few others.
4. Top favorite candy?
OH… so hard probably Hershey’s Bars!
5. Do you eat a lot of candy?
Yes!! Especially around Halloween
6. Favorite type of gum?
7. What’s your opinion on white chocolate?
It depends some brands are nasty but most are delicious
8. If you could invent a new candy, what would it be like?
A giant unicorn made of Reese’s m&m eyes!
9. Would you like to eat just chocolate for a whole day?
No.. I would probably get sick.
10. Worst candy you’ve ever tasted?
Hmm….. black licorice or oh.. yes I ate the most disgusting candy Maple Bacon Cricket!! 🙂 (Not Kidding)
Now to the nominees
Happy Blogging
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15 thoughts on “Awesome Food Award

      1. Have you ever used cricket flour? My dad wants me to bake him a cake using cricket flour. I just can’t do it.


  1. Ok, I woke up really early today, so could someone please explain to me what this is? I get the concept, but I just need to know how it works. Oh, and thanks for nominating me!!!!


  2. Never mind, I get it! Sorry about that!! So I write a blog post answering these questions then I nominate people. Thanks so much for nominating me!!


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