New Baby

baby 1

Marisol and I were talking. When all the sudden….

baby 2

Emily walked in holding an adorable little baby girl. “Aww I cried”. “This is my Aunt Margarets baby. Her name is Bella.” said Emily. She’ll be staying with us for a whole month. While Aunt Margaret is on a safari in Africa.” “Where will she sleep?” asked Marisol.

baby 3

“Right here” said Emily, pointing to a little area at the foot of her bed.

baby 4

“Can I hold her?” I asked. “Sure” said Emily, setting Bella down on the bed. “Coo coo” she cried. “Aww I squeled. Soon Bella had to go take a nap.baby 5

She cuddled up with her bottle in her cradle, and fell fast asleep.


I got the cradle with a little baby set. 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂


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