Winter Camp 2015

I first have a photo-story and then I’ll explain the title. (Emily’s POV)

camp 1

I was lounging on the floor, wondering what to do on this blustery, gloomy, cold, rainy, absolutely boring day. “It’s so boring today? I said.

camp 2

“It’s not something to do” said Kristen, “but I have news”. “What is it? I asked eagerly. “WE’VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO WINTER CAMP” screamed Kristen.  “What is that?” I asked questioningly. “It’s a winter themed camp that goes from the 1st of Dec. till Jan. 31. You do crafts, drama, learn fun things, also drink hot chocolate, and play in the snow! “Awesome” cried Marisol.

camp 3

“Yay” we all screamed.

So from Dec. 1st-Jan. 31st it will be Winter Camp! Yay!! It’s going to be awesome. I’ll be putting this on my sidebar. It’s the winter camp logo. I’ll be posting Winter photo-stories, crafts, fun stuff, all winter themed. 🙂

camp 4

Here it is the *drum roll* Winter Camp Poster!!

Happy Blogging

Have a Great Day

Geeky_Girl ❤



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