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The Circle of Thanks

giving 1

Here is my photo-story Thanksgiving post. Enjoy!! 😀 Kristens (POV)

giving 2

“Well everyone! It’s time for the annual Circle of Thanks” I said. “I’ll go first” I said. “I am thankful for my family. Next” I called.

giving 4

“I’m thankful for books” said Marisol proudly.

giving 3

“I’m thankful for my house and church.” cried Emily. “I’m thankful for nature” said Molly.

giving 5

“Cozy chairs and libraries” said Genieve.

giving 6

“I have a new game.” piped up Emily. “I will throw this stuffed cat to one person and they must list 3 things there thankful for. Then that person throws it to another person. You can’t repeat anybodies thing”.  “Sounds like fun”. I said

giving 7

“Here we go” called Emily.

giving 9

“Fashion, Cats, and umm.. hair-tyes” stuttered Marisol.

giving 8

“Horses, Christmas, and Shoes” cried Emily. “Interesting.. I said giggling.”

giving 10

“Lets kick it up a notch” cried Molly, adding another stuffie to the game. “OH NO” cried Marisol.

giving 11

“Bible, tights, sweaters”  I said quickly. Then I threw it in middle.

giving 12


“MINE” we all screamed, and leapt into the middle.

giving 13

All in the end. It was a good Thanksgiving. 🙂 ❤

The holidays are almost here. yay!! I will be doing some more holiday posts. *drum roll* 3 more days till Winter Camp kick-off!! Woo HOO!!

Geeky_Girl ❤


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