Finding Family/Episode 1/Season 1

Yay!! New photo-story. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sadly, no poster yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll work on it later. ๐Ÿ˜€


Emily as Ella

Marisol as Kate

Kristen as Mrs. Green

Molly as Susan

Samantha as Ms. Ifon (I-fon)

FF 1

I was sitting on my bed. Reading Robin Hood. Wondering how long I would have to wait for someone to adopt me. I had wondered for 5 years. And at 13 chances were slim I would get adopted. I knew this, but I always held hope.

FF @

As I was reading, I dozed off.

FF 3

I dreamed I had a sister. It was wonderful we played together.

FF 4

Ella wake up. I looked up and saw my best friend Kate shaking me. “whatza” I mumbled groggily. “Ella someone wants to see you. You might get adopted”. I gasped this was my dream coming true. “Ms. Ifon told me to tell you to brush your hair and look presentable.” ย “Okay” I said happily.

FF 5

I quickly brushed my hair.

FF 6

I ran into the meeting room. “Hello Ella said Ms. Ifon. In a stiff voice. “Hello ma’am” I said curtsying.

FF 7

“Hello dear” said a lady with blonde hair. I wondered if this was the lady that would adopt me. “Hi I’m Susan” said the girl next to her. “Are you here to adopt me?” I asked hopefully. “Use your manners” scolded Ms. Ifon. “Yes dear I am” said the lady. “My name is Mrs. Green but you can call me Mother.” Inside I was leaping for joy.

FF 8

“Now go back your things” said Ms. Ifon harshly.


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