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Secret Santa

Every year my dolls do a Secret Santa!! 🙂 Genieve’s (POV)
xmas 1

We were all gathered around talking about our ancestors and there Christmas’s!

xmas 2

“My mom told me my Great Grandma once had to trek through snow and ice to get home from when she went into town to get her trunks from a steamer ship” said Kristen.

xmas 3

“To bad she didn’t have snowshoes” said Molly. “Why do you have a snowshoe” asked Genieve. “Why don’t you have one” replied Molly.

xmas 4

“I don’t know much about my ancestors” said Emily wistfully.

xmas 5

“Hey guys its time for the Secret Santa” chimed out Kristen.xmas.jpeg

“I got mine” said Molly evilly laughing.

Soon we all had ours.

I was told my the girls not to reveal who got who but sh..

Molly got Marisol

Kristen got Molly

Emily got Kristen

Alyssa got Emily

Marisol got Alyssa

and Genieve got one of the EAHs!!


Exciting!! 😀

Oh guess what? I got my new profile pic up and my sign off

sign off


P.S I’m thinking about changing Marisol’s name to Gwen!! ❤ What do you guys think? Comment below! 😀


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