Welcome Kitty Cheshire

Hi Guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.. like 3, but I ❤ to post and make fun photo-stories!! 🙂 I got a new doll her name is Kitty!! I made a short photo-story about her and some pictures. Here’s the link to her Bio!!

(All from Kitty’s POV)

kitty 1

I slowly stepped onto the front porch and rung the bell. I was glad I had sent my luggage ahead of time.

kitty 2

A girl with straight black hair and a playful smile opened the door. “Hello” she said. “You must be Kitty”. “Thats me” I said. “C’mon on in the girl” said. “My names Lizzie”.

kitty 3

“Girls this is Kitty” said Lizzie. “Hi” two girls said in unison. They looked like twins. “I’m Allison” said the girl with ginger hair. “And I’m the her twin sister Poppy” said the other girl. ❤ “I’ll show you your room” said Allison. “Thanks” I replied.

kitty 4

“Here ya go” said Allison. “I hope you like it. I decorated the room yourself.” “I love it” I replied. “I’ll leave you to get settled” she said.


Now to the pictures.

kitty 5

Sittin in a tree.. 🙂

kitty 6

kitty 7

I really like this angle!!

kitty 8

Definitely her profile pic!! ❤

Merry Christmas

I hope you enjoyed. 5 more days till Christmas!! EEEK!

sign off


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