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200th Post and a Flashback

Wow!! 200th post!! It’s so exciting. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 6 1/2 months!! šŸ™‚




892 Visitiors


Now to the flashback

camp 4

IMG_0413lb 15DSC_1337air 5ranch 14unroyals4Kat5bday 13snow 7

So wasn’t that awesome!! šŸ™‚

One more thing I made a new stop-motion tell me how you like it in comments!! šŸ™‚

Merry Christmas

4 more days!! Eek

sign off

P.SĀ I also got a new sewing machine!! šŸ™‚ Early Christmas present!! Yay!! New doll clothes without they outrageous price šŸ˜€






4 thoughts on “200th Post and a Flashback

  1. I know that you leave a lot of comments on my blog asking me if I can check out your blog, but I already have! I’ve followed for quite some time, so you don’t have to keep asking. ā¤ Keep up the good work!


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