The Stockings Were Hung…

AHH!!! Don’t worry that was just me screaming because TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!! I am so so so excited! I can’t wait tomorrow morning we’ll open our presents and watch the Disney Christmas Parade then go to my Papa and Grandma’s. Yay! Tomorrow is the day Jesus was born thats the real reason we celebrate Christmas all the other stuff is an added bonus!! lol xD Now to the story

Molly’s POV


xmas 1

We were all sitting around the living room. I glanced around the room we had hung our stockings and set up the Christmas tree.

xmas 2

Marisol was singing “Away in a Manger” while Emily was playing it on her guitar.

xmas 3

“Hey guys”, I called out. “What” asked Marisol annoyed that I had interrupted her solo. “Santa’s delivered 200,000,000 something gifts already and its only 12:05 PM”. “Wow” said everyone.

xmas 4

All the sudden Genieve bounded into the room her arms full of shopping bags, and a little white maltese jumping at her side.

xmas 5

“Aww” I said. “Where’d ya get him?” asked Emily. “I found him on our doorstep” replied Genieve, sitting down. “He had a little not attached to him that read “Take good care of him -Love, Someone.

xmas 6

“Let’s keep him” said Marisol hugging the dog. “We could call him Milkshake” added Emily.

xmas 7

“Then it’s settled” said Kristen. “Now lets do the Secret Santa”.  Since tomorrow we’re going to Grandma’s. “Okay” we all said in unison.

xmas 8

Marisol got a new throw pillow and a bottle of coconut lotion.

xmas 9

Genieve got a muffler and a new book bag. I got a packet of M&M’s and a new skating skirt.

xmas 10

And Kristen got some LPS’S and a new silk bathrobe.


Merry Christmas Everyone!! I don’t know how’ll I survive till tomorrow. 😀 Christmas is definitely the best holiday!!

Merry Christmas from The Dolls of Texas

sign off


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