Welcome Brooklyn (AGPS)

So here is the long awaited ‘Welcome Brooklyn’! Really you waited one day but, who cares!! So on to the photo-story

Brooklyn’s POV


brook 1

I slowly walked up to the front door. A thousand thoughts swirled in my head. Would they like me? What if they don’t?

brook 2

I quickly shook off those thoughts and lightly knocked on the door.

brook 3

“Brooklyn” cried a girl with red hair. “Umm. How do you know my name? I asked astounded. “Oh we knew you were coming yesterday” replied the girl. “Now come on in I’ll introduce you too everyone. By the way my names Emily”. “Okay” I said slightly excited to meet the rest of the family.

brook 5

“Everyone” cried Emily. “I want you to meet our new sister Brooklyn”.

brook 6

“Hi Brooklyn” said a girl with long brown hair. “My names Marisol. I’m the one that designed your room” she said happily. “Thanks” I said astounded how my new family was so kind and hospitable to me.

brook 7

“I’m Genieve” said a girl”. “I’m Molly” said another girl. “Nice to meet you” I replied.

brook 8

“Alrighty guys” said Emily. “I’m going to go and show Brooklyn her room”. “Aww okay” said Marisol.

brook 9

“Here’s your room” said Emily bringing me into a big open room. “Thanks” I said plopping down onto the purple comforter. “I’ll leave you to get settled.”

brook 10

I quickly changed into my comfy clothes. I had a feeling I would fit in just fine.


So thats Brooklyn! I ❤ her so much! She is such an adorable doll. 😀

What was your fav present you got for Christmas? Mine is totally Brooklyn!!

sign off


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