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Meet Our Pets

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in a while. So I remembered I never introduced you to the pets I have. Now lets get to it.

Brooklyn’s POV


pets 1

“Hello readers and dolls! It’s me Brooklyn. Thanks for stopping by me and Marisol, are going to introduce you to our pets.”

pets 2

“First up the dogs” said Marisol. “Milkshake the Maltese and Cookie our Australian Sheep Dog” I said

pets 3

“Second on our list. Are the miscellanous pets. Lulu the bunny and Lavender the Ferret” said Marisol

pets 4

“We have 3 cats but 2 of them are at the vet”. “This is Fluffkins Meowington the 3rd.” said Marisol

pets 5

“Rosie the horse, Elsa the foal, and Starburst the llama” I said.

pets 6

“Those are our pets”. “BYE”!!!

Did you like them? My two other cats are currently MIA!! I hope to find them soon. What doll pets do you have? (COMMENT)

Geeky_Girl ❤


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