Weekly Updates 1/4/16

Our Weekly Updates are:

Princess Academy is coming back. I got multiple requests asking I bring it back so.. its happening.

I will be starting a thing called the verse of the week. Sometime between Tues.-Thur. I will be posting it.

One of the saddest updates. I have for y’all is…. Winter Camp. It’s stopped there’s been no snow,ice,slush, flurries, sprinkles. Nothing that would remotely work for winter camp. I may be in for some snow soon. So then the week it snows. I’ll make a 1 or 2 week long little thing using Winter Camp.

Thats all for now!!! BYE!!! πŸ˜€

Geeky_Girl ❀


4 thoughts on “Weekly Updates 1/4/16

  1. I think that’s a good idea about winter camp. I hope it does snow for you. There has been about 2 inches on the ground for the past two weeks where I live. On New Years Eve my friends and I went sledding at 1:30am!


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