Princess Academy S1/E3

This is the much asked and awaited Princess Academy! I took of this photo-series a while ago and I got a decent amount of requests asking me to re-start this up so.. well.. I did!! 😀

Episode 1

Episode 2

Emmalyn’s POV


pa 1

Me and Katherine walked slowly up to the sign up table. “Name please” said a stiff looking woman holding a sheet of paper. “Emmalyn and Katherine” I said. “North Tower, Floor 3, Room 5” the lady said.

pa  2

As soon as we made it to our room. I knew this would be a good year. “So spacious” said Katherine.

pa 3

I plopped down onto the bed. “Comfy” I said. It reminded me of home.

pa 4

I started to cry. I cuddled with my stuffed monkey.

pa 5

“It’s okay” said Katherine, patting my leg.

pa 6

All the sudden a girl walked into our room. I wiped the tears from my face. “I’m Joceline” said the girl. “Your roomie” she said.



So did you like it? I hope you did! 🙂


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