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Doggy Trouble *AGPS*

Hello Everyone! How is your week going? Mines going spectacular! Today I went outside and it was beautiful 65 degrees sunny a little breeze that caused some trouble!! 🙂 But I made this awesome photo-story starring Cookie and Molly!!

*Molly’s POV*


It was a beautiful sunny day and I was taking Cookie for a walk.


He sniffed around some leaves and dug a little hole and buried an acorn in it.


All the sudden Cookie turned around, and then I saw it a little white kitten peering at us. “NO” Cookie I said.


*ZOOM* Cookie was off like lightning and dragging me along with him. “Slow” Cookie “NO” I screamed as he dragged me through leaves and grass.


The little kitten scurried off.


“Cookie stopped” I gasped


The little kitten scurried up a tree and stayed there.


“Bad boy” I scolded Cookie.


But how could I stay mad at those cute little puppy eyes.. 🙂


The End

I hope y’all enjoyed that!! Did you think the pictures were better quality? I used my video camera and I think they turned out much better! 😀

Happy Winter

Geeky_Girl ❤


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