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Alone *Mini AGPS*

Here is my new photo-series Alone!! All the other series our on hold, while I work things out. And picture taking with the smaller dolls is much easier!! So without further a-do!


Caroline as Elizabeth

Marie-Grace as Kora

Elizabeth’s POV


“Don’t come back” the woman screeched as she slammed the door.


“Alone again” I though sadly slumping against a brick wall.


“Elizabeth! What are you doing out here?” asked my best friend Kora who had just popped up from behind the building. “She kicked me out” I said sadly. “Where will you go?” asked Kora emotion in her voice. “Away” I answered slowly.


“Come here” I called. “What is it?” asked Kora. “Look” I said.


“A horse” breathed Kora. “This is Pepper.” I said. “She’s beautiful” said Kora stroking the mare’s hind quarters.


“Goodbye” Kora I said climbing on the horse. “Oh” said Kora. “I didn’t come here to say goodbye! I came here to come with you” “What?” I said.


“Lets go” said Kora climbing up onto the horse.


“Alrighty” I said draping a blanket over here. Secretly I was overjoyed to have Kora with me.


We were off.


After a few long hours of riding. We stopped to eat. I had packed some berries. “Yum” said Kora her mouth full of bright red berries. “Brr” I said. “It is cold” said Kora, pulling her blanket tighter around her shoulders.


We both got back onto the horse. “Were are we going?” asked Kora. “Away” I said..

The End?

So how did you like it? I had so much fun making it. Though it was a bit chilly!! šŸ™‚ This will be my only ongoing photostory! šŸ™‚ Also I will not be posting from Tues. the 19th-Next Wednesday!! I’ll be gone on vacation!! I’ll probably bring Emily! What do you think?


Geeky_Girl ā¤


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