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Train Stations are So Peculiar..

Hello Everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I’ve been busy! 😉 Well this morning! I decided that my love *cough* obsession of Harry Potter should meet the dolls so thats what I did!! I can’t wait to see how y’all like it!! ❤ I’ll give you a little info

Kristen: Kate Malfoy (don’t judge)

Genieve: Lousia Courts

Kate’s POV


“Almost there Mocha” I whispered to my cat as the cold London wind whipped my coat and the leaves crunched under my feet.


Here we are I thought. As I found a small bench to sit on.


I did a quick preview of my list to make sure I had everything.

Dress Robes *Check*

3rd year books *check*

Crystal Ball *Check*

Pet *Check*

House Robes *Check*


All the sudden a girl approached. “Hello! Is anyone sitting here?” she asked shyly.


“Nope! You can sit here” I told the girl motioning to the seat. “Thank you” she said. “My name’s Kate” I said. “I’m Lousia” the girl said. “I don’t mean to be rude. But isn’t it a tad peculiar to bring a cat to King’s Cross Station.” she asked. “I guess it is” I said.


“I’m traveling to Winchester to meet my Aunt Caroline” she said. “Where are you going?”

“A school” I answered. “Oh” she said surprised.

Lousia’s POV


We talked on and on and what a lovely girl she was.


“I have to go” she said. “Oh goodbye Kate” I said waving.


“Goodbye” she called waving.


I watched as she walked toward a wall and then..


vanished.. and that was the most peculiar thing… I ever saw at a train station..

Did you enjoy that? I hope for those who didn’t know what Harry Potter was! I strongly encourage you to read the books! They are simply amazing! 🙂 I will tell y’all a little Harry Potter secret about myself.. I.. am… a Slytherin.. yes! I know it’s horrible you may even stop following this blog.. xD! But don’t judge!! WE RULE!! 😀


Geeky_Girl ❤


12 thoughts on “Train Stations are So Peculiar..

  1. A Slytherin? Really? How did you figure that out? Did you take a quiz or something? I wonder if I would be a Slytherin too? This was a really cool photostory! I want to hear more about their adventures.


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