Snack Stand Review *My Doll Life As*

Hello once again kind viewers, likers, and followers! I’m glad you’ve stopped by to see another one of my posts! Today I’ll be doing a review of Walmarts Doll Brand My Doll Life as Snack Stand! So now onto the review!! 🙂

stand 1

stand 2

So here is everything the set comes with!

  • 2 Mint Mocha’s
  • 2 Cupcakes
  • 2 ice cream cones
  • 3 ice cream scoops
  • 1 cash register
  • 6 pieces of money
  • 4 napkins
  • 1 banana split and 1 banana split boat
  • 1 ice cream scooper
  • 1 cupcake holder
  • multiple signs
  • cake and 2 removable slices

snack 4

Ice Cream

This is so cute! The way the ice-cream removes from the cone and can stack to make double scoop and triple scoop is really cool! The banana split is adorable and has nice texture and the boat is very sturdy!

snack 6'

The cash register is a great touch! The money is a sturdy cardboard and so are the napkins! The cash register draw is removable and the cash register it self is very cute and has great play value! 🙂

stand 7.jpeg

Oh the mocha’s! My favorite part!! 🙂 These are SO CUTE! The whip cream on top and the chocolate drizzle are very realistic! The straws are cute too! 🙂

snack 3.jpeg

The cake is so cute!! The way the 2 pieces come off adds a touch.. of.. something! The cupcakes are adorable!! 🙂


I know I didn’t review the scoop or the.. cupcake stand they were nice! End of story!! Lol xD

Thanks for reading!! ❤


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