Photography 101

Hello Guys! Today I thought I’d show you how to have good photo’s and some tips to sharpen up your skills.

Step 1: Picking Your Camera

This part is hard! Iphone and Ipad pictures don’t turn out well sometimes! I have used my Ipad and Iphone but using camera’s that are just for photo purpose are great! I use a Sony SD Handycam! It’s great for photo’s and for videos!! 🙂 It works great! Some people that use Iphone’s work well as well! So try different camera’s in your home to find you best fit!

Step 2: Interesting Angles

Different angles help your pictures become interesting!!





See the difference! Different camera angles also help you give illusions like making someone look like there climbing a mountain or flying down a hill! 😀

Step 3: Have Fun

Do what you love! Take pictures of what you love! Take pictures of what you like! Hope these tips help!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Geeky_Girl ❤


11 thoughts on “Photography 101

  1. Nice tips, I agree with them all!:) I find that the best way to add variety to my pictures is to experiment with angles, even if sometimes they don’t turn out how I hoped!;)


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