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Fooseball Fiasco

Hello Viewers,Likes, Followers, and others! Today I’ve prepared the post of a lifetime! FOOSEBALL! I got this little table from an arcade place! I knew it would be the perfect size for the dolls! So I decided I better make an E-P-I-C photostory about it! 🙂

Emily’s POV


It was the fooseball tournament of a lifetime! It was me and Molly the all time champs! “Alrighty ladies!” called Kristen. “I want a nice clean fooseball match.” she said in her announcer voice. “Oh it’ll be clean alright!” I said giving Molly the death glare.


Molly readied her fingers.


“GO!” screamed Kristen! I had the ball in my possession! I readied for the shot!


“Goal!” yelled Kristen as the ball whizzed into the goal!


“Oh yeah!” I cried doing my victory dance!


“That was nothing!” said Molly! “I just wanted to lift up your hopes.. so I can crush them later.” 😉


We went again! The ball was in my range again..


When all the sudden Snowflake our kitten bounds onto the board


“Shoo.. shoo” cries Kristen ushering the cat off the table!


Sadly, Snowflake snatched the ball and trotted it off to when of her unseen hide human things and annoy them spot!


“NO!” I cried falling onto the floor dramatically!


Then Molly fell onto me! Well I guess even if no one won we still had a whole lot fun!

I hope you enjoyed it! I had loads of fun making it!! 🙂


Geeky_Girl ❤

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