You Pick!!

So I thought!! Each Saturday! I’ll have a follower,like, commenter, viewer, or whoever! Pick what post I’ll do on a random day of the week! So I want you the person reading this! To come up with an idea! It doesn’t have to be fancy just something! And comment your idea below! I’ll pick my favorite idea or I’ll let the viewers pick! And then I’ll do your post and of course whoever wins gets a little shout-out before the posts! Telling that they were on the ones that had this idea! It can be anything Photo-Story, Craft, Photo-Shoot, How-2, or whatever! They can be themed like Harry Potter, Hungergames, Fantasy, whatever! Now get commenting!! ❤



11 thoughts on “You Pick!!

  1. Doll gymnastics photostory or video


    You could have a talk about youtubers you like and new youtubers you’ve seen around -Kayla

    indollywood.WordPress. com

    InDollywood Productions on YouTube


  2. EE! Do you have animals!?!?! You should TOTALLY do something about them if you do! 😉 🙂 😛 🙂 XD You could do a guest post sometime too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Maybe you could do a tour of where you store your dolls and their clothing. I would like that 🙂 You could even have on eof your dolls be the tour guide.


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