Alone S1/E2

Hello guys!! I’m back with the next episode of Alone! I made this series with my mini dolls about.. a month or two ago!! So if you don’t remember Kora is Marie-Grace and Elizabeth is Caroline!! 😉 So here we go…

Episode 1

Kora’s POV

DSC02666 (1)

“I can’t believe you gave away Belle!” I yelled sourly at Elizabeth. “I’m sorry but she was tired and needed a new home.” said Elizabeth. Then we heard a neigh!

DSC02667 (1)

I slowly started to investigate.

DSC02668 (1)

“Elizabeth!” I called looking into the bushes and seeing a rust colored horse and a small sled.


Elizabeth ran over and started stroking the ponies cheek. “Wow!” breathed Elizabeth. “Now we don’t need to carry all our stuff anymore!” I said enthusiastically.


I started to secure our bundle of food and small things while Elizabeth hitched up the horse to the sled.


Then we both hopped on and set off


Finally, after awhile we set up camp. “Kora you need shoes.” said Elizabeth sadly


“I know.. but we have no money. So I’ll make do.” I said.


I glanced at my scratched and bruised feet.


Then all the sudden a girl approached us. She held a small dress, socks, and a cape. “I saw you pass this way and knew I must help you.” she said.


She set the clothes next to us. “Thank you” we said in unison as she sprinted away.


I held the sock admiringly in my hand. I decided to try on the dress and the socks.


I put them on the dress felt warm on my skin the socks were soft and had felt so nice. I laid down..


“Good-night.” whispered Elizabeth… “Good night!” I replied and then we heard it… the sound of gunfire……….

How did you like it? I had a blast making it! Sorry for the lack of post I’ve been SUPER busy! 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll try to post more!! I hope everyone is having a nice Spring Break.. mine isn’t till next week!

Geeky_Girl ❤



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