What is She Doing?

Yay a game! So.. I’m going to select a random picture from my blog.. pictures.. that was bad! Lol. So you guys can caption it! Make it humorous or serious!! It’ll be loads of fun! So here are the rules

  • Make a caption for the picture
  • On March 29 a day after my birthday! Yay!! πŸ™‚ I’ll pick my 3 favorites captions and then y’all will vote
  • April 4 the winners will be announced!! \
  • Remember I need at least 7 or 6 captions to do it.. so tell your friends!! xD

mini 8

“What is this?” You may ask.. well you better answer that in the comments below!!

Marie Grace is on the pillow

Caroline is climbing the pillow

Ginger is riding a unicorn!!

Get captioning!! πŸ™‚


Have a super day!

7 thoughts on “What is She Doing?

  1. “Slow down you bucking bronc!!” Ginger yelled, trying to grab the unicorns pink mane.
    “This is STEEP!!! And WHAT is that giant lady bug doing!!?” Caroline gasped, looking fearfully at the pillow-pet.

    There! XD



    Caroline: Ginger could you help a little please

    Ginger: No

    Marie Grace: Why thank you Ginger we can totally do this by ourselves (says sarcastically)

    Ginger: YOUR WELCOME

    Marie-Grace and Caroline: ughhhhhhhh GINGER

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  3. Ginger: “Yee haa! This is SOOOOO much fun!”
    Caroline: ” A teensy bit of help?”
    Ginger: “No way! I got this!”
    Marie Grace: “She’s talking about her!”
    Ginger: “Why don’t you help her?”
    Marie Grace: “No way!”
    Ginger: “See!”
    Caroline: *Falls off pillow* “Oooff!”
    Ginger: “Caroline, are you hurt? Are you OK?”
    Marie Grace: “Oh, no! Should I call mom?”
    Caroline: “No way!”


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