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Random Stuff.. You Probably Don’t Care About

SO… I just finished Keeper of the Lost Cities book 1!! I ❤ it so much!! So yesterday.. I was like “Mom can we go to the library?” So my mom said yes! 😉 And I went.. they didn’t have the second book.. not in the system, not on the shelf, my library doesn’t have Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile… I literally had a heart attack.. I fell to the ground.. wheezed a last breath.. Okay! Fine.. not really… but I’m still mourning! It was the best EVER! I love them so much. I strongly encourage you to read them!! 🙂 I also had my first softball game today!! We won yay!! We came back at the end and beat em by like 2 runs! *rejoicing* 🙂 Also I do have an easter post planned.. I might not get it out till this week or sometime on Monday though!! Speaking of Monday it’s my bday!! I’m so excited!! 🙂 Who knows what might happen! I do have softball practice after that but then presents and cake… yum! Whats y’all’s fav type of cake? 😀 I’m a true marble and lemon fan!! 😉

Thanks for reading this weird rambling of things! Most people would be like.. weirdo.. and thats true!! 😉


Geeky_Girl ❤



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