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Some New Friends

Hello! My birthday was yesterday and I got some new friends yay!! πŸ™‚ So lets meet them!!


First up Mira (EAH Teenage Evil Queen! A.K.A: Raven’s Mom) She’s so cute I’ve loved her since she came out!! πŸ™‚


Her she is in all her glory! She has adorable pink hair with purple streaks! She has lots of accesories earrings, arm cuffs, headband, and some cute skirt things!! She looks like a true evil queen! I did re-name her Evelyn it sounds evil! *if your name is Evelyn I mean this in no bad way. Don’t take this like personally*


Her she is one more time showing off her cute skirt and arm things!! πŸ™‚


Next up mini animators Rapuzel! She’s a cutie! She came with Maximus, Pascal, Hair Brush, Easel, Palette, and a paintbrush!! She’s still getting used to her new home! I also have Little Anna!Β CHECK HERE OUT HERE!


Someone made a friend!


Painting time! Her hair is so fun to play with!! πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading guys!! I’ll have an upcoming post with some new Lori OG Doll Furniture I got recently like yesterday! I’m still finishing the last touches on the Mini AG house so stay tuned!! Thanks for Reading!


Geeky_Girl ❀


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