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My GOTY Idea

These are my own! I really hope you enjoy them!! šŸ™‚


Meet Kylie Harrison she has short caramel hair and bright blue eyes. She loves to play softball and has played all her life. She lives in Chicago, Illinois! šŸ™‚ In the first book she tries out for a travel team. One day while playing softball she sprains her ankle and has to take the season off. While bed stuck her Aunt Shannon who is an amazing artist brings her a sketchbook and tells her she’ll teach her how to draw while she’s stuck in bed. After a while Kylie becomes amazing at art and her aunt tells her to sign up for a tween art contest. At the contest Kylie meets other amazing artists and hopes that her picture of a horse galloping will win. She has 2 best friends April a gymnast with a bubbly personality and Rachel a roller derby player with a competitive spirit. Her meet outfit would be a jersey with a softball on it and a pair of jean shorts. She would have a softball outfit, Ā a drawing set, her pajama’s would be blue shorts and a tank top with hot pink hearts on them.

I hope you enjoy Kylie’s story!! Thanks for reading!! šŸ™‚

Geeky_Girl ā¤


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