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So this is what you would call a.. sorta fun writing thing!! 🙂 I decided to do a diary thing! About a girl named Carrie Lachester who lives in Missouri!! 🙂 About her daily life on the prairie!! Here we go!!


Dear Diary, 

Today was a lovely day. First in the morning we had cornmeal, apples, and milk for breakfast. Then I went to do the daily chores milk our cow Bessie,  feed the pigs,  help Mathilda my younger sister with her schoolwork, and other things. Luckily around noon after dinner I escaped out into the pasture.


My little kitten Snowy followed me. I had nabbed a little bit of bread left from this morning baking and ate it near the cows. I had to admit my bonnet was a little itchy though


Since ma wasn’t around I took off my boots and let the warm dirt squish between my toes. The blades of grass felt s0ft around my bare legs.


I hastily took off my bonnet and let the sun warm my bare face. I then headed back home and finished the chores and then went to bed… with Mathilda by my side… I gently blew out the candle near my bedside.. and fell into a deep slumber.

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So thats all for today!! Did you enjoy? I was hoping that if y’all liked it you would comment and come up with a diary entry for Carrie!! If you do I’ll post 1 a week and of course give a shout-out to whoever I pick to do the entry!! 🙂


Geeky_Girl ❤


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