Skateboardin’ Gal

Hello spectacular readers!! I thank you for joining me on this blog once again, to read the contents of it. So today Molly was out for a skateboarding.. extravaganza  I mean excursion. So without further a do I give you Skateboardin’ Gal!! 😀


I felt a blast of cool air hit my face as I ran out into the yard! After many lessons with Genieve, I was certain I had mastered the art of skateboarding.


I ran onto the sidewalk plopped the skateboard down and rolled off!


“Woo!” I cried as I sailed across the sidewalk.


All the sudden I was speeding down the hill at lightening speed. I didn’t know what to do. 😉


An idea struck! I lowered myself onto the skateboard and sailed down on my stomach.


I landed at the bottom with a “HUZZAH!”!


Then I skated on home!!

The End

I hope you enjoyed. There will be a posting lapse for the next week to due to relatives coming to visit!! Have a great day!! ❤


Geeky_Girl ❤


4 thoughts on “Skateboardin’ Gal

  1. That’s how I want to skate board! I’m terrified to stand on one. I have a very poor sense of balance, in fact when I went cross country skiing for the first time, I squatted for every tiny hill I had to go down.


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