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Hello bloggers!! How are you? Well so.. I have some news first. This blog for the month of May will be a writing blog. I’ll still post doll things but mostly writing because of CWWC! Being hosted by a fellow blogger Loren@BlueEyesGreyEyes. Lets get started. Any I am on Team Keeper!! Go team Keepers!! (all photos courtesy of BlueEyesGreyEyes see her blog for picture links!)



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I perched on top of the building my curly hair blowing in the slight breeze. I looked down the bottom of the street was filled with bustling people and cars they were mere specks from a top the building. I held the small hand mirror it glinted in the evening sun. I knew I should do it now.. now.. I looked at the crumpled note in my hand I had found it after my house burned in the raging fire. The note read

Dear Tessa, 

I know you may get this after the tragic accident. I love you with all my heart. In this package is something you cannot lose. It’s power and magic is what fuels this world and guards it from evil that lies within. You may not understand but you are special extremely special… within you are powers knowone has every know. When the sun sets repeat the password into the mirror “ferrymen”. What is a ferryman? They are what protect the mirrors most say “Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called Ferrymen. Use well..



I crumpled the note more in my hand. The sun was sinking lower into the sky. I held the mirror. I wiped my hands on my jacket. I glanced at the people below.. this may be my last time seeing real human life. I took the mirror. “Ferrymen” I whispered hesitantly. The mirror let out and eerie glow. It swirled around me in shades of every color. It engulfed me in it’s flame until I felt myself falling faster and faster. I screamed and yelled but the sound of whooshing drowned out my cries. I landed on something cold and mossy. I looked down I sat upon a log above a rushing river. The log was covered in thick moss. I peered down into the rushing river fish and mysterious animals leaped out of it. All of a sudden the log shook as a blue dragon landed on it. The creature had twinkling blue eyes. “Hello.” it said. I was taken back not only because a living dragon had landed but it was talking to me. “Please don’t be frightened. My name is Twila I’m a mist dragon. I take the form of mist when I travel. I did not mean to frighten you.” it said looking at me with kind eyes. “Hello my name is Tessa.” I said trying to play it cool. The dragon scooched closer to me it dropped a book into my lap. “Open it.” Twila coaxed me. I opened the book an in it was the mirror. In the fall I had forgotten about it. “How, why,?” I stumbled. “Don’t ask.” said Twila comfortingly. “Okay.” I replied. All of a sudden I heard a scrambling in the bushes. “Ferrymen.” breathed Twila she started to stand up. She was at least 12 feet tall and about 7 feet wide with teeth the size of daggers but she was the kindest dragon I’d ever met and the first. “Go now.. “she cried. I held the mirror a creature with a hairy body and yellow eyes scrambled out of the bushes. “Ferrymen.” I yelled a last look at Twila and then I was falling. I fell down down down into darkness. I re-appeared I heard a shatter. I was laying on cold hard concrete it felt wet and cold beneath my thin jacket. I looked around me shards of glass coated the street. I had lost my only way of going back to the home I loved.. I cried I laid on the ground and cried. I wished so many times I would have never said “Ferrymen” or I had used the mirror. I wished as was back at the orphanage I so despised. I wished so many things that would never come true. I quickly collected myself wiped away the tears and set off to find a way home.

Did you like it feedback in the comments!! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post!!


Geeky_Girl ❤



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