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Bunk Bed Interviews

Hi everyone!! A much needed doll post has come to this blog! Luckily, my homeschool co-op and a few other things have ended. So I’ll have more time to post on this lovely blog as well as A Geek and Her Books my book blog! 🙂 So lets get started!!


“Good morning everyone! It’s Brooklyn behind the camera filming for a film contest! Today’s film Bunk Bed Interviews! Let’s get started.


“Hello Miss Emily. I’m Brooklyn-” “Yah yah.. hello world. Seriously, Brooks  it’s me.” Whispering behind camera. “Oh I get it.” “Okay were back.” I said.


“So Miss Emily what’s the best and worst part of having a bunk bed. “Well the worst part is being so close to Kristen she snore’s like a freight train. And the best part is.. this” said Emily.


“BOO!” screamed Emily. “Ahh!” yelled Kristen. “Onto the next person..


“Hello Miss Kristen.” I said profesionally. “Hi..” said Kristen.  “So favorite parts of having a bunk bed.”


“My favorite part is being able to snuggle with our dog Cookie.


“The worst is definitely having to climb to get to Em’s bunk we don’t have a ladder yet.


“Thanks for your time ladies.” I said.

I hope you enjoyed that short little post! If you have any suggestions about a next post comment below! 🙂 Thanks guys we now have 44 followers! Yay! I’m hoping to get to 50 by June 1st (blogiversary)! So tell your friends to come on down! 😀


Geeky_Girl ❤



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