YES! Keepers are in the lead! Let’s do this!! 🙂 Use every prompt you can! 🙂 Alrighty next lets get on to the prompts. ❤ I used all 3!! 😀

Pictures from Blue Eyes/Grey Eyes

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I sat alone the last one to leave the class. I didn’t care if I was late to dinner at the orphanage. I was headed onto the orphan train tomorrow anyway. I looked around at the bare classroom. I watched the snowflakes fall from the sky it blanketed the ground with fresh powder. It looked so beautiful to be in a plague stricken world. The plague was how I became an orphan. My mom had started to develop a cure. The goverment then kidnapped her because of this. I clearly remember the night. I heard a knock my mom peeked out the window. She rushed into her bedroom room pulled out a box that had scribbly writing on the side it said “Do Not Open Bad Memories.” On the other side it said “For Emergency Use Only.” She gave me a few other things and then I fled. I had tried to erase those memories from my mind. I got up from my chair and headed out to the classroom. “Lissie!” said a high pitched little scream. Opal rushed at me and blanketed me in a huge hug. “Hi Opal.” I said hugging her back. She brushed her black hair back her little sapphire eyes glittered as she took my hand and walked me down the hall to the orphanage. We walked through the snow laiden streets. The buildings were warm with the glow of fire. Sadly, the orphanage was a little broke. We had heating on a good day, electricity was out of the question, a working toilet was magical, thread barren blankets covered our uncomfortable cots. “Lissie. We’re here.” said Opal. We walked inside and were greeted with Ms. Amelia’s wrinkled face staring at us. “Late again.” she said clicking her tongue. “Sorry ma’am.” I said exaggerating the “ma’am”. “Rooms now.” she screeched making her look like an angry vulture. “Dinner.” sobbed Opal curling up on my lap in our rooms. I glanced around. I reached under my bed and pulled out a loaf of bread and some apples. “Yummy!” said Opal clapping her hands. I gave us each half an apple and some bread. After we ate Opal put on her pajama’s. I tucked her up in a blanket on her cot. “Tell me how you became a hero.” said Opal yawning. “It all started before the fire..” I started. “I asked my mom how she became a hero. Ya know what she said?” “She needed a hero, so thats what she became.” said Opal like you. She rolled over and shut her eyes within minutes she was fast asleep. I turned of the light and laid in my bed. I replayed Opal’s words over and Over “She needed a hero, so thats what she became.” Immediatly, something clicked. I grappled around under my bed my fingers grazed a cardboard box. I took out the Do Not Open Box. I rushed to the closet and picked up a suitcase. I put that box in it, blankets, and some leftover food. I woke up Opal. “We are escaping.” I said.


Geeky_Girl ❤


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