Hi Guys! Here is CWWC #3! ❤ I’m trying to use 8 prompts.. yes I’m overachiever! Lol So lets go! I used all 8!

prompt 9prompt 8prompt 7

prompt 5prompt 4prompt 7prompt 2prompt 3prompt 1

“Ahh!” I screamed I was falling deeper and deeper! I landed on the ground with a “smack”. I heard something shatter behind me. I had fallen into a hole near my home while looking for my best friend Lucas. He kept trying to tell me.. how he had to go how he was a Ferrymen and how he had a mirror to guard.. it was all strange to me. I had been sitting in class when I heard him scream. I ran after him and fell. Now he was gone to who knows where. I sat up. My wrist was swollen and bruised. I stood up slowly the landscape around me was a forest dark and forboading. I quickly decided to venture into the forest.  A little ways in I see a crooked old sign that says “Here be faeries” I read aloud. I snorted “Faeries” I muttered.  All the sudden a bright blue butterfly flitted by. It landed on a flower immediatly it started to glow the butterfly came and landed on my hand. It illumintated the dark forest with it’s unearthly glow. I brought it close to my face. It provided light. I could now see. The glowing butterfly gave me hope maybe Lucas was here. I called out to him in the silence, like he would actually hear me, like he would actually care. All of a sudden the butterfly was surrounded by a extremely bright glow. In an instant the butterfly transformed into a small fairy. “Name’s Aster.” the fairy said holding her tiny hand out for me to shake. “Hi!” I said gawking at the little fairy in my hand. She had light blue skin with sapphire eyes and she wore a dress that looked like it was made of dandelion fluff her hair was black and was  in two messy braids down her back. “Wait..” she said studying me. “Tristi!” she screeched giving me a fairy hug. “Do I know you?” I ask perplexed. “Duh.. don’t you remember me.” she said bouncing around. “No..” I say looking at her. “Oh.. Lucas knew this found happen.” she said sadly as her smile was immediatly replaced by a sad smile. “C’mon.” she said taking my finger. I followed her through the bushes. She stopped by a small bush with red berries. She peeled back the bushes and revealed a box on it had scribbly writing on the side it read ‘Do not open, bad memories’. “Open it.” whispered Aster. I opened the rotting cardboard box.  Inside were pictures of me and Lucas. One showed me on a log reading a book a turquoise dragon sat next to me, another was of me in a field Aster sat on my shoulder we both wore daisy crowns, one showed Lucas in a castle I stood next to him in a flowing gown. “You and Lucas ruled our world.” whispered Aster. I gaped at her. “What..” I yelled. “Shh!” she hushed me. She flew into a box and pulled out a silver ring with a red stone in the middle. “Whats that?” I asked still trying to get past that I had once ruled a kingdom. “It’ll take you to Lucas.” she said. “Why don’t I remember you?” I asked her. “Because Lucas didn’t want you to remember what happened.” she said avoiding my gaze. “What happened?” I yelled. “Someone tell me.” I kicked the cardboard box sending all the pictures flying. “Lucas didn’t want you to remember what she did.” “Who did what?” I asked fuming. “How Evelyn your best friend tried to kill Lucas.” as soon as she said it she fell onto the log and started crying. “I’m sorry.” I said patting her little back. “Go to Lucas.” she said sniffling. I held the ring to the light and was whipped away.

Feedback did you like it? 🙂 I hope you did.  I used 8 prompts if you are on Team Keepers please try to use as many prompts as possible!! ❤


Geeky_Girl ❤



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