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Yay!! 🙂 CWWC #4!! Sadly, Team Keepers lost a person! So the rest of us awesome Keepers better make up for it by using tons of prompts and getting our stories in! 🙂 Even when ur busy try to write!! ❤ We depend on your epic writing skills!! 😀 All prompts from Blue Eyes Grey Eyes! I used 7 prompts this time! Yay!! 😀

prompt 11prompt 10prompt

prompt 6prompt 7prompt 3prompt 1

I lay against a tree it’s shriveled bark feels rough against my back. A little sign was perched above my head it read “Here Be Faeries” I remembered 7 years ago when I had re-united with Lucas and Aster. Now they were gone dead I suppose. The monster were cruel they now ruled the forest I once called Fantasia. They monsters were cunning, relentless, brave, and they hunted anyone that entered there domain. All of a sudden a deafening growl filled my ears, the trees swayed at it’s mighty roar. I got up I sprinted out of the forest my black cloak flailed behind me. The monsters were chasing me I dared not look behind for there frightning images already haunted me. They were pale and translucent they were 20 feet tall with razor sharp claws. I ran as fast as I could. I emerged in the midst of a graveyard. Surrounding me were cracked and weathered gravestones. I kept running. I came to traintracks. I saw a small lantern sitting near a grave. I grabbed it and ran into the train tunnel. The tunnel was pitch black the lantern gave off little light allowing me to see about 2 inches ahead of me. I walked for what seemed like miles the tunnel stretched on and on. I heard a whistle and a toot. Then the whole tunnel shook a bright light came closer and closer. It was a train I stepped onto the side of the tunnel. The train whooshed past me it blew my hair in all directions. I dropped the lantern as the boxcar came nearer I bent my knees. I leapt into the air. I grasped the railing of the boxcar with my palm. I gripped it so tight I thought it might break. I swung myself up my feet hit solid ground. I breathed a sigh of relief. I entered the train. I straightened my hair and tried to look as normal as possible. Quickly, I scanned the train for a seat. I spotted an open seat next to a girl her short brown hair. I sat next to her. She slumped in her seat. I pulled out an old withered picture from my pocket it showed me at 9 sitting next to a beautiful dragon on a log with a waterfall in the backround. An open book sat in my lap. Lucas had taken the picture so long ago. I barely remember. The weight of the ring he had given me still felt heavy in my pocket. I took it out. “It’s very pretty.” the girl next to me whispered gently. “Thanks.” I replied. “My name’s Trista.” I said. “Allison..” she replied. “Pleasure to meet you.” I replied as the train came to a halt. A man in a stately uniform and conductors hat walked up to us. “Tickets please.” he said his voice was low and he glared at us beneath his glasses. “Aww conductor. Me and my cousin were just heading up past Raleigh and we musta lost our tickets. Could we stay just till the next stop?” said Allison putting on a thick Southern accent. “Get off you urchins.” shouted the conductor. He yanked us my our shirts and threw us off the train onto the cold hard platform. Luckily, I landed on my knees. I looked over Allison was face first on the ground blood spilled from a gash on her forhead. “Come here.” I said helping her up. I took a hankerchief out of my pocket and pressed it on her forhead. I studied her I being 16 noticed that Allison was much younger than I thought she looked to be 12 or 13. “Are you okay?” I whispered. “Mm hmm.” she said biting her lip to keep her from crying. I slumped down against the wall we stood against. Allison laid her head in my lap. She started to cry. She needs a hero.. I thought so thats what I’ll become. I picked up her head. “You need a family.” I asked. “Mmm hmm.” she replied. “I’m an orphan. I lived on the streets I snuck on the boxcar a few days ago. I’ve been traveling. I hide whenever the conductor comes.” she said. “I’ll be your family.” I said. “Also the monsters are after me.” she looks at me. “Creatures..” I breathe. “Yes there white and freaky.” she replies. “I know just what you mean.” I say.. “Let’s go..” I say. We head off to find a place to call home and to hide where no one will hurt either of us again.

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