Yeah! Keepers won this round!! Good job guys lets keep this up! 🙂 Lol.. keep this up Keepers.. *audience dies of laughter*! Alrighty here’s my story! 😀 I used 8 prompts!!


My three little sisters sat on the stairs. “Annita, Lillian, Gracie.” I said. They looked up at me their brown dresses looked drab against there cute little faces. “Listen to me.” I said looking each one in the eye. “I know you don’t want too. But I need you to go on the orphan train. I know it’s scary you may be separated but remember I’ll always love you.” “We love you too.” Lillain said her little blonde hair framing her face. “Annita your the oldest take care of them.” I said tears streamed down my face. “Why do we have to go?” asked Gracie. “Because they’re brave, they’re relentless, they’re brutal, they’re cunning and their hunting me. If they know your with me your in danger and mom never would’ve wanted you in danger.” “Okay.” they replied in unison. I scanned each of them brown dresses, boots, hair was in neat condition. “You’ll get adopted. I know so.” I said perkily. “I hope so.” grumbled Gracie. I grabbed there hands and led them out of the house. The spring breeze felt to happy for such an occasion. They girls had nothing to take with them except for Lillian’s small teddy bear Fred. All to soon we made it to the train platform. A lady who looked about 30 stood firmly a clipboard in her hand. She looked at me beneath her small rimmed glasses. “Name please.” she asked. “I’m Jordan and these are my sisters Lillian, Annita, and Gracie. They’ll be going on the train. ” I said. “Alrighty.” she took  little tags and wrote each of the girls names on them. She strung them around there necks. “They need a hero, so thats what I’ll become.” whispered Gracie in my ear. I looked at her tears streamed down my face. “I love each of you.” I said I gave each girl a hug. A whistle tooted in the distance. I gave each of them one more hug. They stood at the platform holding each others hands. I gave once glance back as the train pulled up and then I ran and ran. I tripped on a curb I fell face first on the concrete my world felt as it had been shattered. I was being selfish I told myself.. this was for the better. Something clicked.. I knew what I needed to do. I sprinted into our run down shanty. It used to be a beautiful cottage but I let it go when my parents died. I didn’t have time for cleaning and such. I hopped up the stairs and into the bedroom I once shared with the girls. I took out a small brown backpack. I changed out of my pale blue dress and into jeans and a t-shirt. I packed what little food we had a left, a quilt my mother had made, and a Bible. I headed out of the room and then I remembered something. Quickly, I laid on the floor my hands searched under the bed for something I hadn’t seen since the accident. I pulled out the box. On one side I had labled it “Bad Memories do not open”. I yanked open the box on top lay a picture of me my sisters and our parents. We stood on a beach my Lillian was tiny and had her feet in the ocean. I was building a sandcastle with my parents. I took the picture and slipped it into the bag. I slipped on my black cloak and slipped a lantern into my palm. I silently slip out the door and into the dark black night. Swiftly, I run through the town.. I run through Beck’s Graveyard and onto the railroad tracks. The tunnel I travel through will lead me to the border and no one ever comes back if they stray past the border, what lies beyond is unknown. The trains don’t run on the tracks anymore they go into the Unknown which hasn’t been inhabited in years. If I can make it past the border and into the Unknown I could start a home and give a better life to my sisters. Later, the next month. I made it to the border. I had battled hunger, monsters, and more. A large river divided me from the border. A little guard shack stood lone and still at the river a small rowboat was there as well. I was tired and hungry. I stumbled to the door, I knocked on the door. A fraile woman opened the door. She had brown hair and welcomed me in. I walked in. She locked the door behind. On the door someone had etched “The Worlds Not Safe Anymore” into the woodwork.  I believed that with all my heart.


I hope you enjoyed my story!! ❤


Geeky_Girl ❤



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