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Hello everyone! 🙂 CWWC #6! Keepers are doing awesome! 😀 We should “keep” it up! ❤ ha ha.. I used 9 prompts!! ❤

I sat alone in my bedroom the thatched roof above my head let in slivers of sunlight. I watched the tv blankly. The newslady showed a picture of a girl in a ragged dress with a torch. They said her name was “Emilina” she had strayed past the border. “No one one comes back if they stray beyond the border..  what lies beyond is unknown.” the newslady said. I shook my head and turned off the TV. I knew the goverment of Jonnahn was going trying to hunt down the people who lived in Beyond where I lived. They’re cruel, they’re relentless, they’re brutal, and they’re hunting us. Anyone who lives in the Beyond is a traitor. The had started to release monsters that would hunt anyone in the Beyond! “Kalin “I hard a girl shout. “Huh!” I glanced up from the TV a girl wearing a small dress and boots stood by me. “Yes,” I replied shutting off the TV. “The monsters took Lillian last night.” she said queitly. I immediately rushed to the door and threw on my black cloak. I grabbed my bow from the hook next to the door. “Thank you.” I said hugging her slightly. I darted out the door. I nervously looked from the side of the cottage. The streets were barren. Saying goodbye to my mother was the first thing I had to do before hunting those horrbile monsters. I ran to my mothers cottage. On the stairs were my three little sisters Maggie, Emmie, and Thailia. “Where ya going?” said Thalia her hair fell in soft ringlets that surrounded her rosy face which was smudged with dirt. I headed into the kitchen were my mother was cooking a pot of stew. “Sweetie were are you going?” she asked looking at my cloak and bow. “To hunt,” I replied. “Be safe.” she said a tear slipping down her cheek. “Mom I’ll be fine.” I said pulling out of her embrace. “Bye sissy.” said Emmie. “Bye!” I replied heading toward the door. I rushed out and into the open. The woods surrounded one part of the village the other was framed by a large meadow. I stealthily set off into the forest. The trees provided little sunlight in the forest. Every shadow or noise made me jump. The trees seemed to whisper as they danced in the wind. Then I saw it a white creature with long arms that towered high above the trees. I dove into a small bush and sat extremely still. My breath seemed as loud as a roar as the monster stalked through the forest his claws ready to kill. I gathered myself and set my arrow to fire. “One, two, three” I whispered silently. The arrow sliced threw the air it hit the beast right in the heart he howled with rage. The slowly stumbled to the ground. He wheezed a last breath and lay still. I cautiously approached him. I needed the arrow in his heart to prove that I was a warrior. I yanked the arrow out of his heart. Immediatly a hand clutched arm. The beasts eyes glowed bright yellow. “You can’t run.” he hissed his deadly grip tightening on my arm. “Oh no ya don’t” I heard a voice shout a figure dressed in all black lept from the tree and started stabbing the beast with a dagger. The beast fled into the forest blood dripping from his leg. “Who are you?” I asked the figure took of her hood. “You know who I am.” she said and then she leapt back into a tree and took off. Puzzled, I started to wander my I felt dazed and then… I fell into a deep dark slumber.

I woke up on a small cot. “Where am I?” I blurted out bolting out of the cot. “Shh..” a girl approached me her hair was golden and blue butterflies swam around her. “I’m Raina.” she whispered. “The faeries found you.. you are lucky to be alive.” she said quietly. She held a steaming pot of soup in her hands. She set on a bedside table. “Please lay back down.” she said tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. She wore a blue dress that matched the butterflies she looked to be 15 or so. “I have to go.” I said standing and looking for my cloak. “You can’t leave.. your in the.. Hole…

DUN DUN DUN! Whats the Hole? You’ll find out later!! ❤

Thanks for Reading! ❤




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