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Yay Keepers are in second place or something!! ❤ I’m super excited.. CWWC is almost over.. 😦 but Keepers are going to pull ahead! 😀 9 prompts were used!

“Happy 1 year anniversary of living in Aloire!” my best friend Bella called.” I sat alone the last one to leave class Bella was a year older than me. I was finishing some math homework when she ran in and hugged me. “Thanks!” I said faintly smiling. It had been a year since I had strayed past the border of Lillonia and had arrived at Aloire they had welcomed me in and I lived like any other girl except for one thing. I could see things.. magical things..

“No one comes back if they stray past the border. What lies beyond is unknown.” my teacher told the class the next day. I recalled how I was the only one who knew what both sides of the world looked like and who lived in each. “Class dismissed remember your World War History Essay’s are due tomorrow.” our teacher said standing up. I darted out the door and into the hallway. My locker was at the far end of the school. I slowly walked up to the East Wing of the school. My locker was there and on top sat a ghost. “Ahh!” I yelped. “Don’t be afraid I’m Lizzie.” the pale ghost said she had long hair and wore a school uniform. “Oh.. your the ghost that died in the Chemistry fire in 1901.” I said. “Yep!” she said excitedly like it was amazing. “I love being a ghost though!” she said doing flips in midair. “Wow I thought most ghost were like depressed and needed someone to avenge there death.” I said.. “Nah. Thats just a myth.” said Lizzie.. “But I do haunt your locker now.. ya know not just houses are haunted.” she said. “Well pleasure meeting you.” I said. “You too!” said Lizzie waving. I walked home in silence wondering if anyone else had seen Lizzie or if I could only see her. “How was school?” asked my foster mom. “Good.” I replied. We sat around a large table mom had a notebook and was furiously writing some idea for her next book. “I’m done.” I said picking up my plate and putting it in our ever aging dishwasher. “Mmmm hmm.” she said not bothering to look up from her notebook. I walk slowly to the sofa I click on the TV. “Monsters have been released from the border and are raging havoc.. evacuation protocal engaged.” the newlady shouted all of a sudden a blaring alarm raged through the house. “Mom..” I yelled.. Mom rushed into the room. She grabbed a backpack hanging on chair. It held food, first aid kit, blanket, phone, flashlight, and a picture of me and mom. “Take this.” said mom. “Mom your coming with.” I said afraid she was leaving me. “No.” she said. She took me to the front hall. She put a black cloak around me and pulled the hood up. She tucked a loose strand of hair from my forhead she kissed me gently on the cheek. “I love you!” she said. “I love you too.” I said a tears streaming down my cheek. She glanced around she pulled the rug back from the front door and opened a trapdoor in it sat a gleaming black bow and a quiver with silver tipped arrows. I took it from the opening and slinged it over my shoulder. “Goodbye my love.” my mom said. “Goodbye mom.” I said opening the door. I slipped out into the chaos. People were running every which way. I ran into the chaos. I saw a girl she fell right onto the concrete the mirror in her hand shattered. I helped her up. She picked up a piece of broken mirror. “Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds. Guarded my creatures called Ferrymen.” she recited a beam of light whisked her away. That was strange. I kept running past the old graveyard. I had found a lantern by a grave left by someone. I ran across the train tracks the lantern swinging wildly in my hand. I ran into the forest. I tripped and “oof” I landed on the cold hard ground. I looked for what I had fallen over and there lay a limp barely breathing body..

I hope you enjoyed!! ❤

Thanks for reading!!


Geeky_Girl ❤


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