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Hello followers, readers, and viewers! Today may or may not be the last time I post for CWWC! It’s been such an exciting writing journey! My fellow Keeper teammates did an awesome job! ❤ So here’s my story. 8 prompts I used! ❤

The Moon Dance was tonight. I sat in my room the windows open a gentle breeze whisked through my room.  “Are you getting ready?” called my mom from across from the hall.  “Yes!” I said hopping up from my bed. I threw open my closet and took out my dress for the moon dance.  It was a white sundress with a lacy hem. I slipped out my room and bounced down the stairs. “Be careful at the dance.” my mom said. She would go to the dance after. I was meeting with some friends. I skipped out of the house my dress twirling in the breeze. The sun was crimson as it set. Soon enough the beach came into view.. the sand was golden and the waves lapped gently at the sand. Little shells dotted the beach like stars. Each year at the Moon Dance a Starlet a young star would come down from the sky and chose the next Star Princess. The girl a Starlet picks will then proceed to the castle of Moonstine where they will be trained. “Jodie!” I heard a familiar voice call. “Allie!” I called, I ran up to my best friend and squished her in a hug. We approached the dance together talking and running. As soon as we made it I held back a gasp the beach was twinkling with millions of stars.. flowers lay strewn on the soft sand a stage had been set up and everyone wore dresses with flowers. “It beautiful.” breathed Allison. “Do you think one of us will get picked?” I asked.. “I don’t know.” she said eyeing me. We ran onto the sand and threw off our shows. We dashed into the water with the other girls dancing to the music, singing, and splashing with each other. “Welcome to the annual Moon Dance.” a voice called out. I looked up and there was Star Counciller Odelia. “At this time a Starlet will come and chose our next Star Princess.” she said the crowd erupted in a cheer. She held up her hand the crowd hushed. “Now let the Starlet chose.” I looked up a goldish blue star was falling from the sky it shone brighter than all the other stars. It hovered over many girls.. until it stopped over me. I sucked in a breath.. I held myself extrememly still. Then the Starlet morphed onto me a warm light entered my body. The star soon changed into a beautiful crown.. with gold and blue accents it balanced delicately on my head.

The next thing I knew I was whisked home to prepare for the Star Journey I must journey to Moonstine the next day. “I’m so proud of you”.. my mom said kissing my forhead. She had started to prepare for my journey. “Would dad have been proud?” I asked. “Yes.” she said softly. My father had died 5 years ago in a car crash. I had told my mom she needed a hero so thats what she became. It’s true she raised me and cared for me by herself while working at one of the Star Factories.

The next morning. Mom put a black cloak on me. She put a lantern in my hand, a satchel over my head, and a bow across my back. “One last thing.” she said a tear slipping down her cheek. She entered the pantry filled with all sorts of jars with sand in them each of them held some sort of special sand to help something. “Take this.” mom handed me a jar with a pink lid filled with blue, purple , and pink sand. “Thanks.” I whispered. The jar had a chart on it to which sand did what. Then I set off.. with the goodbye’s still heavy on my shoulders. I ran past the graveyard.. a grave read “Here lies a man who was not of this earth.” it was my fathers grave he was a human not a starlian. He wanted that on his grave. I ran past the graveyard and onto the traintracks that would lead me home.

I traveled for  6 days before I came to a small clearing in the forest a little wooden sign hung limply on a tree it read “Here Be Faeries” in faded lettering. The sign made me shudder faeries were extinict or so they had told us. I set down my pack and re-filled my canteen. I spotted a small blue flower that glowed with extreme brilliance. All the sudden the flower opened and a blue butterfly emerged from it. On the back of the butterfly sat a pixie. “You passed the border.” the fairy hissed at me. I looked behind me and I saw a little line of pink sand. I rummaged in my bag and pulled out a vile of pink sand. “Here.” I said.. hoping this would work. “Oh welcome.” the fairy said. I have  know idea what just happened I asked myself. “No one comes back if they stray past the border.” the fairy said.


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