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The Countdown

What! 4 more days till the.. *drumroll* 1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!! I’m so excited! I’ve had such an amazing time running this blog for the last year and I’ve had such a great time! I’ve had so many awesome followers, faithful commenters who comment on every post! I had no clue that running a doll blog was so much fun! I’ve learned some things along the way the most helpful was this comment


i love this photostory! But here is a tip to make your stories much more readable:
use Quotation Marks! That way, you readers can know when to separate talking sentences and just plain sentences.
Ex: “I absolutely LOVE softball!” Marisol explained,
“I prefer skating,” Said Alyssa.

I am absolutely NOT trying to be mean, but I am just suggesting that you do this so that you wwill get more followers and commenters! hope this helps!
xoxo Samantha

Sam without you.. I would’ve always not used quote marks!! 🙂


I also want to thank my first follower Loren@HappyHouseAG she was my first commenter and first follower! 🙂 Some of my most frequent commenters Clara, Olvia, and Rebekah!


There’s been a lot of different dolls we’ve seen! We went from just AG to EAH, MH, and even little disney dolls!


Even LPS came along on this blogging adventure.. sadly.. I never finished this photostory! D:


Thanks for reading! Does anyone have any idea of a big 1 year anniversary photo something.. something celebration!! ❤


Geeky_Girl ❤



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