Wow! Last CWWC challenge. I’m so so so sad! D: I had such a blast and can’t wait to write more! 🙂 Well onto the story. I used 17 prompts!! ❤

The world was divided one side was a horrible crippled goverment controlled side were citizens had no rights.. the other side held fabulous creatures and plants like blue flowers that spit blue butterflies. The only divide between the lands was a small sign that read “Here Be Faeries.” thats the only divider between to seperate girls. Maggie had lived in a fantastic world all her life. Amber had lived in a panic stricken world all her life.. today I will share the stories of 2 girls and what there lives were like.

Amber sat alone in the school room a gentle snowstorm fell on the ground a cold draft sent her toes tingling and her arms shivering. She sat at the desk and gazed out the window. “Your mothers here.” her teacher called as she sashayed back into the room. Amber’s answer consisted of a gentle nod. She walked down the school hallway. After making it home and eating dinner. Amber decided to get upstairs as she approached the creaky stairs. 3 little girls sat in brown nightgowns waiting for their sister. “Will you read us a story?” the littlest asked her blonde hair bouncing. “Yes.” said Amber exhausted. She climbed up the stairs with little Lily on her hip and Agatha and Thalia clinging to her hand. She set each girl on their bed in the spare bedroom which had managed to squish 3 little beds and a dresser in it. She pulled the covers up on the girls and started her story. Once upon a time there lived a girl named “Anna.” she was lived in a world of destruction her door said “The World is Not Safe Anymore.” she believed this door and knew that she must escape the cruel world she lived in so.. she took her cloak and bow and set off.. she was soon stripped of her cloak and bow by robbers and left to die in the jungle.. she was hunted by a horrible creature.. with translucent arms.. and body.. but she prevailed on her jounrey she arrived in a new world.. by walking over a volcano with a torch.. the end.” Amber finished her story with a dramatic flair.

Maggie had finished her story with a final cliff hanger “It’s Relentless, brave, cunning, and it’s hunting us..” the end she said. The whole class erupted with claps. Maggie gave an exaggerated bow and walked out of the classroom. “Not All Haunted Places, are Houses.” was her next class which gave the history of the friendly ghosts that live in Fantasia. After class Maggie walked home silently. Amber slipped into the house and then the doorbell rang. Maggie skipped over and opened it. “Hi!” said Maggie’s friend Lila. “Hello!” responded Maggie. “Want to go to Dragons Cove?” asked Lila excitedly. “Sure! said Maggie scribbling a note and throwing it on the table. The duo soon made it to Dragon’s Cove waterfall’s surrounded the stream and a girl sat perched on a log reading an ancient book. “Hello Gretta!” said Lila waving wildly.. The girl responded with a simple nod and went back to her book. She also whispered “Mirrors are guarder by fantastic people called Ferrymen then she disappeared. We played in the water and dived from waterfalls into the lake.. once in the lake a array of stars fell from the heavens and danced with us in the waters. Finally the sun set Maggie went  home. Maggie stepped out onto the balcony she heard the rickety old car engine pull up. She dashed outside and entangled her dad in a big hug. “Dad.” whispered Maggie. Her dad pulled a crumpled newspaper out of his pocket.. the words Missing.. at the top.. and below it a single name Katherine Hopkins.. tears streamed down Maggie’s cheeks.. “mom..” she whispered barely audible. Maggie ran into the house and locked herself in her room tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked around her room the little bottles… of pink sand from beaches that she and mum had explored… Maggie called out her name in the silence like she would actually hear. A few days later a police officer interviewed Maggie and her dad… the police were convinced that her mother had strayed into the Unknown.. and no one comes back if they stray past the border… a shrill knock came at the door when the police had left.. she opened the door there stood her mother.. in a black cloak beside her was girl.. “where have you been?” I cried giving her a hug.. “I went to find your twin sister.” said her mother gazing at her.




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