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New Ever After High Dolls

I don’t know how long these dolls have been out or when they’ll be in stores. But they are super cute! The new Epic Winter ever after high’s are really cool! I’m not sure if these came out in winter.. or when.. but I thought I’d do a little overview of them for y’all! (sorry the pictures are weirdly laid out they came up HUGE when I put them in.

 Credit for Photo’s! 

epic 1

Ashelyn Ella! I’d have to say this one may be my favorite out of all of them. The crown is so cute and I love the boots! $19.00

epic 2epic 3

Blondie is also adorable her coat is so cute. $19.00

Briar is okay.. I don’t like the muffler and they overused pink and sparkles.. there needed to be a different color in there. $19.00

epic 4

Apple is quite cute as well! I love her boots.. but I do notice her legs have built in tights.. I don’t like when companies do this it eleminates a lot a lot of uses in movies or pictures. $19.00

epic 5

Again fake tights.. but Rosabella is very cute. I love the subtle snowflakes in her dress and her glasses are SO cute. Daring I don’t like her looks fake and plasticy. $29.99

epic 6epic 7

Epic Winter.. I’m still getting over the fact that she’s sparkly and blue..but she is sorta cute.. I love her outfit.. *screams* built in tights.. mattel.. why.. *tears* okay .. I’m okay..$19.00

Pixie thingy she’s cute I like her a lot but I don’t get the pink forhead.. sunburn.. what.. lol!  $9.99


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3 thoughts on “New Ever After High Dolls

  1. I’m actually really disappointed with this new release. They totally changed the face molds and I feel like they’re a whole new doll line! I really wish that they had kept the faces the same. Apple is cute though. I like her smile. 🙂 Thanks for notifying everyone about the new release! Great post! 😀

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