Photography 1o1: Random Tips

Hello blogging world, I haven’t posted in almost a week :O !! I’m so sorry.. summer started and I was lazy. But do not fear I will be posting more this summer and “maybe” doing a doll camp of some sorts! I’m trying to get the details worked out and when I’ll post it’ll probably be in July! So stay tuned. Now onto another tips post


First up capturing the feelings of your doll.. in this photo you can see that Cerise looks utterly tired.. this is a good picture but a different angle could add a whole new dimension.


There this is a good photo it captures the feelings and it shows the tiredness.. of Cerise.


Next up Using Doll Hands in Your Favor. This is a super helpful trick that adds more pizazz to a photo. Using the hand her shows more distress than having her hands at her side.


Attention to Detail! Here you can see I manuverued her hands so that they fit tightly around the bunny! 🙂


I can’t stand when this happens blurry face shots.. you never want this is a photo. Try to place your camera at an angle to were you’ll focus on the face.


Here! BOKEH! xD


Outfit Design try to make the outfit clash with the hair and try to use muted colors if they have colored hair.


Make sure the hair is nice unlike Poppy’s.


Thats better!! 🙂
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed OH and be sure to check out my  Youtube Channel! I posted a music video..  of the dolls using the song “Write Your Story” by Francessca Battastelli! 🙂


Geeky_Girl ❤


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