An idea… that just might work.. for a book..

So as you may or may not know! For a while now I’ve been “trying” to write a book! I never seem to make it past a few chapters though! I need so writing help! I know tons of bloggers who follow my little blog really enjoy writing like and I! So if you have any writing tips comment below with them! Also.. I have a book idea.. here’s the little summary

Matilda was what you would call tiny she was about 5 inches tall and lived in a small abandoned mouse hole in the Chicago Public Library. While exploring the library at night when all the giants as Matilda calls them leave. She accidentally finds her way out of her precious home and is lost in downtown Chicago. She’s scared alone in the middle of February with cold winds and vicious dogs. When she finds a tom cat living in an alley the kindly cat named Thimble adopts her and helps her find her way home. This unlikely pair will embark on an adventure through the streets of Chicago in search of finding Matilda’s home..

So what do you think? Feedback in the comments and tips!!


Geeky_Girl ❤


8 thoughts on “An idea… that just might work.. for a book..

  1. That book idea sounds cute! 🙂 I would suggest reading goteenwriters.com if you need help with any writing stuff. They have pretty much written on any topic you could have to ask them! Their site is totally clean. 🙂


  2. Sounds like a great story! If you really love it I say go for it! (because you aren’t going to want to write it if you don’t love the idea) I have never actually written a book. I perfer shorter stories, so I can’t totally give you advice.


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