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Summer in the 40’s *AGPS*

Hello blogging world! 🙂 I’ve finally broke out of my little slump in blogging and have a new goal to blog at least 3 or 4 days a week! 😉 Today I’ve taken out lovely Molly who was dressed by my brother’s friend’s little sister who loves American Girl and it’s so cute when she comes to play! She helps be dress them she’s so careful with them! ❤ Well okay! Time for the photo-shoot.



This is the swing I made for my Molly and the girls! She’s in her 40’s inspired summer outfit.


Back during the summer of the 40’s even during World War 2 girls still had fun! By playing on swings in there backyard, reading, and playing with siblings!




I don’t know why but this picture looks so cool!


Bokeh sorta?


Tiny doll feet and giant human feet.. lol


My new blog header!

I’m going to edit this and then make it my blog header because it describes so much that no matter how old you are you are never ever  to old for dolls.


Adios shoes!! (so true Molly)


This is so strange looking I took this during the dat but it looks like night! :O

Thanks so much for reading my post!! I’ll be doing a swing photo-story coming up!! 🙂 Comment with what you want to see and don’t forget to sign up for Little Doll Camp!


Geeky_Girl ❤


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