AG Cafe Construction: Part 1

Hi everyone!! 😀 Today I’ll be showing y’all what’ve been working on for a couple of days now. The…. AG Cafe! Me and my bff are making it together and it’s going awesomely! 😀


I’m using the Walmart brand snack stand as the little checkout area.


Here are some of he foods! The little mocha on the side is made from pom-poms and a medicine cup!


Here’s the other mocha’s!


We even made these cute coffee dispensers!


Here’s the food cake, fruity thingy, cookies, cotton candy, macaroons!


Here’ the cotton candy so fluffy and beautiful! I used a cottonball colored it and then put it in a cut up ziploc bag.


These are the fruit tart warp thing ma thing! 😀


Cookies with glitter! (glitter is the best!)


Macaroons inspired by Grace.. we loved you Grace!


Here’s the key to the shop and thats all for now! 😀 We’re still doing more and renovating but it’s coming along pretty well! Also the answer Blogging Question #1: All you said you’d rather have 50 followers you connect with rather than 100 followers who don’t connect! Blogging Question #2 is.. Do you plan your posts or free flow whenever you have an idea you take the pictures and post? I’m a free flow person everyday I think what should I post and then I post it!!


Geeky_Girl ❤


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