Raspberries of the 70’s *AG Haul*

Hello everyone!! I promised this post yesterday but.. I had a virus called laziness.. ;)! Well here is the AG Haul post! I went to the AG Store Dallas and it was awesome! I went with my bff and her doll Natalie you’ll be seeing Natalie in few pictures but sadly I don’t have the pictures yet.. so. I’ll show you them later. πŸ˜€ Well here we go!


Who is that beautiful face?..


Hi it’s me Emily! Do you like my new glasses? Marisol said I look like a nerd.. I said I look fabulous!


I purchased these at the AG Store for the stellar price of $10!


I also got Julie’s outfit!! I’m rockin the 70’s!


It even came with these cute shoes! Which came in purple my favorite color EVER!


We also stopped at the AG Cafe and got a delicious cookie n cream milkshake! It was SO good and I even got the little AG cup and saucer that comes free with any food! I also took the hair tie on the napkin.


Julie’s crocheted vest is so cute and realistic!


Thanks for reading!




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