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Apple’s Dragon Mishap

Hi everyone! Today I’ve prepared for you a little photo-story starring the amazing Apple! 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

Apple’s POV


A cheerful breeze swept through the Enchanted Forest! I walked along a small path. I had just been at my friend Briar’s house which she decided should be in the middle of a forest.


I soon had to stop for a break because walking is tiring. All of a sudden I heard a small squeak.


And the a vicious beast lunged at my beautiful face.


It landed on me with a thump I fell over into the dirty grass.


I sat up “ow! My head.” I cried. The little dragon scooted toward me.


Appearing in thin air came a girl no older that 14 wearing a blue dress. “Rosie! There you are!” she yelled running toward the dragon.


“I’m so sorry!” she said picking up Rosie.


Then Rosie immediatly took flight and starting flying away!


We soon found here near the Ever After High gates. “I’m Fiona the girl.” said. “I’m Apple.” I replied. “Sorry for the mishap but I better get going.” called Fiona


Fiona started to run away after Rosie who started flying home.


Sorry it was sorta pieced together at the end. I lost a few pictures so improv! Well thanks for joining us and reading!


Geeky_Girl and Apple



7 thoughts on “Apple’s Dragon Mishap

  1. Hi! Cute story! Love the dragon.

    Also wanted to let you know we have not forgotten about adding you to our Blogs we Visit page. We’re only now getting to update it.


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